Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat a range of conditions. Rosi and Ben use a combination of manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and stretching, together with advice and exercise rehabilitation.

Conditions we can treat include:

· Sciatica / Lower Back Pain

· Neck Pain

· Joint Pain (hips, elbows, ankles, shoulders)

· Sport- or Work-specific complaints

Often it can be the case that pain presenting in one area is in fact caused elsewhere; our Initial Consultation allows us to take a full history and treat you as an individual and not just a pre-existing diagnosis.

Massage Therapy

Whether you're a competitive sportsperson, an occasional gym goer or simply want to relax after a hard day at work, Penny - our sports massage therapist - can deliver a treatment that's tailor made for you. Relieve aches, pains and muscle tension with a half hour or full hour session.

Ideal for:

· Runners and cyclists

· Rackets players

· Combat sports athletes

· Manual workers

Why not gift a Treatment Voucher to a friend or relative for a session?


In addition to our core Osteopathy service, we also offer Physiotherapy for our clients looking for a slightly different approach to rehabilitation.

Whether you're suffering from a sports injury, work-related pain, or you've been unlucky enough to be in an accident - we can help.  Alex Poulton is our physiotherapist with experience of working in bothe the NHS and elite-level sport.  He uses a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise rehabilitation to get you back to your best.

Please call or send us a message to book an appointment with Alex.


Injury Rehabilitation

Individual and group rehabilitation sessions with Chris, our sports therapist and strength coach, are a great way to speed up your recovery, build confidence and return to the activities you enjoy.


Chris and Rosi work together to put together tailored plans - patients need to be already registered with us so an Initial Consultation is required as a first step - then Chris can coach you through individual sessions if preferred, or monitor your progress if you're confident/experienced in physical training.

Ideal for: anyone looking to recover a performance level, improve physical fitness after injury, or just gain confidence in their bodies' abilities.