Back to golf - our new injury management package for golfers

Jamie Hillier, professional Golfer

Here at Olton Osteopathy, we're always looking for better ways to help our clients. So, we're excited to be working with Jamie Hillier at Robin Hood Golf Club, to offer a new package for golfers that combines our clinical assessment, treatment and rehabilitation with Jamie's practical expertise to help you overcome your pain, and get back to playing more of the sport you love.

The initial assessment consists of:

  • A clinical assessment, which will focus on your general movement and any physical difficulties or injuries you may have; and

  • A golfing assessment, to look at your technique and how you move on the course.

Together, we'll give you a written report, and suggest an individual plan (consisting of treatment, rehabilitation, injury management advice and technique adjustments) to help you reach your personal goals.

Whether you're a serious competitor, or just enjoy a weekly round of golf at your local club; if you're suffering from nagging injuries that are interfering with your game, or keeping you off the course altogether - this could be a perfect opportunity.

We have a limited number of Back to Golf assessments available for the initial price of £99. Call us now on 0845 4747507 or email for more information or to book a slot.

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