Forearm tension

What do martial artists, climbers, weightlifters and people who spend a lot of time at a keyboard have in common? (Not to mention a whole range of other activities.) People who spend a lot of time gripping things often find themselves with "tight" forearms, and this sometimes contributes to a general feeling of soreness that may spread to the hands, wrists and elbows. In many cases, this common everyday kind of tension can be relieved by massage into the forearm muscles, but these aren't always the easiest muscles to work on yourself - especially after a tough training session. This video shows a simple way of doing this that I share with my clients.

Of course, this isn't a cure-all, and if there are joint or tendon issues going on then it won't necessarily fix the problem. Many people report that it gives them a surprising degree of relief, though, and it's quick and easy to try.

As always, if you experience any increased pain, numbness, tingling or pins and needles while doing this then stop and consult a doctor or sports injury professional.

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